Cancellation conditions

For private guests

Our cancellation terms and conditions: By cancellation our general terms and conditions for hospitality will admit. That means for you:

  • Date of booking up to 6 weeks before arrival, we will charge 20,00€ processing fee and you will get the deposit back.
  • 6 weeks till 7 days before arrival day, the cancellation fee is 70% of the room price.
  • In case of a cancellation within the last week before since 2 days before arrival day we will charge 90% of the room price.
  • 2 days before arrival day and by an delayed arrival or early departure we charge the whole period of reservation with 100%.
  • Cancellation will be accepted only in a written way.

Because we care about our guests and try to avoid situations like that we recommend in any case the travel insurance which you will find on .

For groups with 26 persons+, of 6 rooms and more

Our terms in the case of cancellation: until 3 months before the scheduled arrival date we accept every cancellation only in written form without any cancellation fees. From 3 months before the arrival we charge a processing fee of Euro 20,00.

  • from 3 to 1 month before the arrival date we charge 40 % of the entire arrangement;
  • from 4 to 1 week before the arrival date we charge 70% of the entire arrangement;
  • for the last week until 24 hours before the scheduled arrival we charge 100% of the arrangement.
  • With an late arrival or earlier departure as scheduled we also charge 100% of the room rate

CANCELLATION will be only accepted in WRITTEN FORM

  • Double room for single use: we will charge the second person with an "empty bed fee." This is equal to the half board rate minus Euro 20,-. Please understand that we do not sell double rooms for single use during the weekends and holidays / main season.